320 children have currently been sponsored. As of May 2006 there are 350 children between the ages of 3 and 20 years. We hopethat all the children are distant adopted, either by a family, single person or a workplace.

An proposed amount of 200 Norwegian kroner (NOK) per month payment by direct deposit. 


The sponsorship has several intentions:

  • A means on insuring continuous economic support for the operations and development of the orphanage
  • The money that is provided from the sponsor goes to the orphanage earmarked to that specific child.
  • A means of making ties between persons from to different continents who are in unique life situations.
  • The sponsors can provide letters, pictures and have the possibility to provide gifts to their sponsored child.
  • We seek to insure that the sponsored child returns letters to their sponsor.
  • Our goal is that the sponsor receives two letters a year from their sponsored child.
  • We will inform the sponsor, by means of information letters, about how the funds are being used at the orphanage and how the country is doing as a whole.

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