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The Organization

The organization “Bring Children From Streets”, Norway (BCFSN) was founded on the 8th of September, 2005. The organization was initiated by Richard Kiwanuka who has continued to develop an maintains a position in it’s organization. Inger Johanne Ektvetdt has helped with fonding to make the organization possible.

BCFSN organization’s goal to support the work of ”Bring Children From Streets, Uganda” in the following ways:

  • Providing economic support to the orphanage of Nsumba orphanage, to provide for organization, development and maintenance.
  • Establishing a children’s village in JaJa, Nsumba.
  • Stimulating developmental projects that are in the best interest of the children at the institution(s) through, for example, the use of sports.

The Organization finances their institutions by the following means:

  • Collection of support from different arrangements
  • Sale of products
  • Mentor programs
  • Economic support from private donors, athletic teams, organizations, businesses, enterprises, endowments including others

The organization attempts to put together resource person that can put use their competencies and engagement in Norway and in Uganda to realize the goals of the organizations.


The work that is provided for the organization is based upon ideological basis, without any form of economical compensation.


The board of directors include:

  • Director Richard Kiwanuka
  • Hilde Køppen, Stig Blindheim  
  • Pål Tennebekk

Account number: 8580.10.26791


Orginization number: 888847952


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